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Dawn and Her Mod, Mod World

Dawn Doll Community Journal

Dawn Doll Community
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the first Dawn Doll Community at livejournal! This community is for Dawn and other 6-1/2 inch fashion doll enthusiasts, collectors, and customizors. Chat about Dawn and her world, share collecting and altering tips and tricks, post photos of your dolls, trade Dawn related items and post auction listings. Doll artists and crafts people are encouraged to share their Dawn related work with the community.

Some useful links:
- Official Dawn Doll Encyclopedia
- Official Checkerboard Toys site
- That 70s Doll
- The Dawn Doll Palace
- Topper Towers
- The Dawn Spot
- Heidi's World of Dawn
- Victoria's Topper Dawn Dolls
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